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Norman N. Axelrod Biography

Optical, Electro Optical, Imaging

    - Innovative Product Development, System Integration

    - Expert Witness: Patent Infringement, ITC (337)

    - Troubleshooting, Consulting, Planning

Axelrod has developed & upgraded systems for:
G. E. (3 divs.), Gen-Probe, Image Processing Systems Ltd., J & J (5 divs.), Lenovo, Lockheed Martin, Materials Research Corp., Medtronic (3 divs.),
MEI, PerkinElmer, P&G, Teledyne, Timken & Unilever Research.

Development, Innovation, Prototypes, Turn-key Systems
> Upgrades & systems for special needs and innovative products.
> Optics engineering, integrates systems and technologies
> Computer & analytic modeling, bench tests
> On-line real-time inspection, product/process control.

Electro Optics, Instruments, Systems
> Sensing, detection, gauging, alignment, diagnostics, scanning, planning;
> Digital & Optical Image Processing, Multi-spectral systems
> System integration, computer-automated & manual control.

Technology and Patents
> Patents developed are assigned to client.
> Experienced expert witness in patent litigation
. . (including International Trade Commission (ITC, Sec. 337)
For details on IP and patent litigations, click on: CV_IP

Axelrod Associates is a rapid-response team that produced a real-time, multi-sensor & imaging, multi-computer display, detection, gauging & control system in four months: the system won the annual award of Medtronic, a multi-billion dollar sensing & controls company.

Rapid, competitive, cost-effective upgrades.
Axelrod Associates is known for rapidly delivering on immediate and long-standing problems that had resisted solution.
We provide both the expertise and experience required for successful outcomes.

Axelrod Associates provides optical & electro-optical engineering, hardware, software and consulting as required.

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445 East 86th Street
New York, NY 10028



Norman N. Axelrod, Ph.D.

Optical Sensing Systems


Integrated Systems

Representative Examples



Norman N. Axelrod Bio

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  • A. B. Physics, Cornell University
  • NATO-NSF Program on Materials, University of Paris
  • Ph.D. Optics & Physics,
    Institute of Optics & Physics Dept., University of Rochester

  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, London University, England
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, NASA, Washington, D.C.
  • Certificate in Strategic Planning, American Management Assoc.


  • Bell Labs / Alcatel-Lucent . Murray Hill, NJ
  • Norman N. Axelrod Associates . NY, NY

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Recognition & Results:

  • Won annual award of billion-dollar corporation for sensing / imaging / detection / control system developed by Dr. Axelrod. . . . . . Integrated, real-time system includes 2 electronic cameras, 9 photo-sensors, electronics, 3 computers with custom software, and output control signals.

  • Client awarded $13.4 million plus on-going licensing fees when Dr. Axelrod served as expert witness in patent ligitation before International Trade Commission (ITC Section 337). Client: Symbol Technologies. Law Firm: Jones Day

  • Summary judgments of invalidity and non-infringement (against French Atomic Energy Commission) when expert witness in patent litigation. Client:Samsung. Law Firm: Baker Botts.

  • Certified by Stature in Machine Vision by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

Recent Invited Papers:

Blog-posts in Vision & Sensors:

Patents & Papers:

  • 11 US patents granted, 2 others in progress;
  • One U.S. patent was patented in 18 countries.
  • Over 50 papers published.

Patent Assignees Include:
. . Bell Telephone System
. . Information Retrieval Systems Corp.
. . Labatt Ltd. (Canada)
. . Perkin-Elmer Corp.

Dr. Axelrod planned, designed and delivered a computer-automated multi-sensor system that won the annual award of Medtronic (a 10+ billion dollar, Fortune 500 corporation that manufactures instruments for sensing, diagnostics and control).

This automated nine-sensor system includes machine vision, electro optics, fiber optics, scanning, Smart Optics, image acquisition & analysis, pattern recognition, gauging, defect detection, output signals for process control, image and data displays, automatic documentation, automatic self-checking, statistical analysis, communicating computers, etc.

Dr. Axelrod served as an optical expert witness on optical design before the International Trade Commission (Section 337). Client (Symbol Technologies) awarded $13.4 million plus on-going royalties.
Law Firm: Jones Day.

He served as an optical expert witness on Electro Optics & LCD Displays in patent litigation: French Atomic Energy Commission v. Samsung. Samsung was client.
Summary judgments of invalidity and of non-infringement.
Law Firm: Baker Botts.

Dr. Axelrod was elected to Sigma Pi Sigma (physics honorary society), Sigma Xi (science honorary society), Pi Mu Epsilon (math honorary society) and the New York Academy of Sciences.

He was Certified by Stature in Machine Vision by SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers).

The Technical Director of AeroComm wrote to Dr. Axelrod:

"The successful development of the laser communication system is completed and we would like to thank you for your efforts and performance...

"You provided a driving force to see this project to a successful conclusion...

"Your expertise and experience were invaluable. The success of this project was primarily due to your ability to apply and integrate optical, electro optics, and other technologies to produce impressive practical outcomes, to anticipate and cope with problems... As issues arose, you demonstrated professional resources that exceeded what we had anticipated."